clownesque acrobatics

Tébé & Le with their split second timing are a guarantee for belly laughter

Since many years these stars are part of the variety and comedy scene. Either on stage or directly among their audience these two show and variety artists are a pleasure to behold. Their mixture of unbelievable artistic talent, classical variety show, masters of situation comedy and charming moderation, make them absoloute audience favourites, putting them at the top of their league in the German entertainment scene.

Comedy - Acrobatics - Show

These modern-day clowns have a breathtaking stage show (30-45 minutes) with a brilliant mixture of artistic talent and off the wall comedy.
The two entertainers and comedians have a cheeky refreshing attitude. Audience participation is an integral part of their show.

These guys can dance the craziest rock ´n` roll to be seen since the „Blues Brothers“. Their tight-rope act with a rather overweight ballerina „The swinging virgin“ is entertainment at its best. The volunteers become part of the show and always take a well earnt applause.

Then comes the showdown. A duel between two bandits from the wild west. It is mexico. The sun sets and the comedians Tébe & Le., with the theme tune from Sergio Leones „Once upon a time in the west“ and their unbeatable style, duel until the bitter end. A guarantee that you will laugh until you cry.

Tébé & Le - a comedy duo for very type of event imagineable.

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