Salut S.

The success story of an extraordinary quartet

They were hailed by the arts section of German national newspaper DIE WELT in May 2008 as one of the most successful German “cultural exports” – and with good reason: founded in Hamburg in 2000 by Angelika Bachmann (violin) and Iris Siegfried (violin and voice) “Salut S.” has taken the art of crossover to chamber music in a virtuoso manner and added to the brilliantly developed mix of classic, pop, chanson, and folk, an absolutely unique stage performance: musical perfection with magical charm.

Their classical competence did not just come out of nowhere. Angelika Bachmann’s special musical gift was noticed early and as a child the senate of the City of Hamburg released her from normal schooling so that she could devote herself entirely to playing the violin. At seven she performed solo with the Hamburg Symphonic, appeared on television, and consequently won numerous 1st prizes in the prestigious German competition for young musicians “Jugend Musiziert”. Roland Greutter, first concertmaster of the NDR Symphony Orchestra, Germany’s national radio orchestra, oversaw the musical education of the multi-talented Angelika, who later proceeded with curricula in German studies and philosophy.


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