The FlamenComedy Show

Paul The original creator, is the mad Cassablancan himself! Grew up in Virginia USA, his mother from Morocco, his father Cajun, from New Orleans. He left his own country and travelled Europe as a street performer.Later based in London he started the cabaret circuit and then onto worldwide theatre. A flamboyant character, extraordinary juggler and accomplished musician, brings together his ‘Mediterranean Madness’ with Marcial and Guillermo, to create the show that is OLÉ … Guillermo

Born in Bilbao, Spain, he started playing guitar at the age of 14. Later on he studied Arts at the University of the Basque Country obtaining a degree with honors in audiovisual arts. Contemporarily, he studied music (singing and clarinet) at the Conservatory in Leioa (near Bilbao), becoming the drummer of the Big Band Bilbao for over three years. He led several bands as a singer, guitarist and composer performing in clubs and festivals in the Basque Country. In 1990 he moved to southern Germany. He founded the Willie Endaya Band and played his own songs for about four years until he joined Paul Morocco in 1996. At the same time he worked in other live and recording projects as a guitarist, singer, cajun player and music programmer. Throughout the past years he performed solo (guitar & voice) and still does using a vast repertoire that goes from own songs to pop, rock and jazz standards.

His senses of melody, rhythm and acting skills have been part of OLÉ since 1996.


Born in S.Spiritus in Cuba. His musical life began at family parties and fiestas in his home town playing traditional Cuban music. At the age of 16 he began to study in Havana at the ENIA and ENA (Cuba’s esteemed National Arts Schools) where he successfully finished his studies of Choral Direction, Classical Guitar and Ensemble Direction. Since 1995 he has been touring throughout Europe with different musical projects as a Singer, Solo Guitarist and Latin Performer. In 1996, he contributed to the album “Cuando Ci Sarai” of the legendary Italian Group “Nomadi” and recorded in 1999 “Como Suena” with his Cuarteto “La Timba” including own compositions and traditional Cuban songs. In the European Latin Music Scene he has performed, e.g. with the Salsa band “Conexión Latina”, “Dúo Bacilón” and “Cubayuma”. As a composer in 2004, he started a new project “Trovador de afuera” – an acoustic mix of Poetry and Contemporary Latin Music. Paul Morocco discovered the young musician with Spanish Temperament and the Afrocuban voice in 2005. Now he is a part of Olé, combining his energy, musical talents, creativity and natural feeling for humour.

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