Musical enthusiasm that’s striking …and contagious!

Tapered down to the essence. That’s the musical approach that best describes how Lo:La interprets the milestones of Pop and Jazz history.

The result: a unique and absolutely unmistakable sound – a sound that is strongly influenced by the voice of Melanie Heizmann. Her singing unites poise and passion, serenity and intensity.

Virtuosity and musical maturity are at the core of Lo:La’s foundation . Markus Gahlen (guitar and vocals) is one of Germany’s most accomplished finger-style guitarists, Migo Fecke (bass) is also a successful music producer and Marcel Mader (percussion) is a much sought-after session and live drummer.

And, the fact that all four get along off stage as well is more than a positive side effect.


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Tulip Food, 2011 - 2013
Studio D4 für Event in Magdeburg
Köln Kulinarisch
Volkswagen ( Santana ) für mindact
Verband d. Stahlindustrie, Jahrestagungen 2013 + 2014