bedeutet “Kunst der Gestik und Bewegung”

KGB is the meaning of "art of gestic and movement" and not like many think, for "small hot beasties"- even when both power-clowns Edouard and Sergey are doing all their best to change the notion of the lovely clown.

KGB clowns are standing for a composition of self made stage direction, own choreography, self designed costumes and make-up, classical pantomime, eccentric acrobatics and modern art of great burlesque. An unusual and unique way to charm the stage with idiocy. Everything fits together - till the last stroke of the make-up

Devised clown scenarios belong to the repertoire with which they make clear the range of their abilities and the tradition of their substantiated education to the public. The spectrumreaches from the quiet pantomime scenario, as far as accurately choreographed dance and sound-collage. 

A productive artistic potential which led to an impressive international career in the varieties of Berlin and London, from Zurich to Sydney. 

The KGB-Clown's were honoured for the first time 1993 with the bronze medal in Paris at the Festival Cirque de Demain. In August 1999 the clowns were distinguished with a special price for the best comedy presentation at the "International German ARD Variety Price" in Kassel. At the comedy festival 

"Precisely for Laugh 2002" in Montreal they even were invited as Special Guests!

 They are jesters, pantomimes, dancers, acrobats. Very briefly: correct clowns. Züricher Anzeiger

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