Gog & M.

"Salto Musicale!

Two extraordinary artists introduce themselves: Gogol, the dignified maestro in dress coat and white shirt, and Mäx, the charmingly poetic clown with braces, weird ideas, and a pair of extremely oversized shoes. With their current program both highly skilled musicians once again prove, that they both understand how to carry an audience in their most specific ways: Musical acts at neck breaking paces, highly artistic performances and side-splitting comic effects, fuse to a most breathtakingly staged show, which goes straight to the heart.

The two characters, who are as different as night and day, perform in an outrageous slapstick comedy. With refreshing disrespect, quip and originality a masterfully performed musical-show is built-up – but not only on the classic set of tools, also on their fantasy instruments as the Trumpet-Violin, Bowl-Xylophone, Wineglass-Harp or Glass-Xylophone.

Gogol & M. easily master more than twenty instruments. They have enjoyed a profound musical education, having graduated from distinguished music academies and have received numerous awards. With their virtuoso and stirring fireworks of sound, Gogol  &  Mäx have delighted international audiences for years and are meanwhile renowned worldwide. The combination of classical music with Jazz, Pop, Klezmer or Flamenco - brilliantly set in scene through splendid achievements and terrific ideas – makes the program an unforgettable experience.

Salto Musicale – A gorgeously crazy, musically artistic ado.

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