Showband - also unplugged

"esprit" a formation which will contribute as a SHOWBAND in adaptable occupation (duet - trio - quartet – quintet) or as an ACOUSTIC BAND and without stream to the success of your event is mobile.

With acoustic instruments like, guitar, accordion, saxophone, contrabass and singer Sabine walk esprit by the listeners and arouse enthusiasm with music, show and song for several voices.

"Esprit" is absolutely independent of a special place therefore and you can book an enrichment of social occasions, Galas, parties, fairs, presentations etc. esprit - esprit – The show band disposes of the following repertoire:

Demanding dinner music - from the areas of Jazz, swing, pop

Dance music with standards, hits of the eighties and nineties.

Also classic of former decades like Frank Sinatra or M. Monroe,

Rock `N Rolling of the fifties, Oldies of the sixty-year-olds and highlights of the seventy-year-olds of Abba or Bee Gees complete the repertoire.

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