Two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba -

what seems first like a good-quality brass player's quintet....

soon turns out rapid comedy formation which pulls all current stereotypes of the orchestra company by the cocoa with marvellous slapstick. Since who thinks by this occupation only of classical tones, it is taught fast of a better.

Since no eye remains dry if the haughty conductor is obliged without further ado to the service in the trombone or represents the completely drunk hornist proudly the soprano. What does it already make if with a concert on the stage a chair is absent? Or a recalcitrant trumpet suitcase cannot be opened? Finally, five fantastic music actors find a solution for every adversity of the orchestra everyday life. Besides, the music comes by no means too briefly: At random it goes in the stormy tempo by classical period, jazz, folk music and light music.

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