Claus Debus..


Claus Debus., classically trained at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin, has been able to find the spirit of Rock’n’Roll and manages to combine it with the music of the old masters,        thus satisfying the tastes of both classic and Rock’n’Roll lovers.

Since 1983, his unususalRED SHOESaccompany him by his, in every sense of the word, power filled performances.

...when RED SHOES play the piano and hands fly in the air -  passionand joy become real...!

Claus's piano playing is anything but normal. In the music scene colleagues and audiences alike have given him the name“MISTER RED SHOES.” Upon approaching the piano his feet and hands become a living bomb and when he bigins to Rock’n’Roll the audiece can’t help but move with the groove. The concert hall is then changed into pure romantic.

Drummer JAN POLTER and Bass player WERNER KOLB both understand the heart of Rock’n’Roll and accompany MISTER RED SHOES in a volcanic music eruption.

Claus has performed in concert with Chuck Berry, Shakin’ Stevens, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wanda Jackson and Bill Haley’s Original Comets.


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