Classic – in a  very special manner

elegant and with esprit, the group primes your event... with light classical period, Viennese waltz sounds, coffee house music, tangos, swing and musical hits.

Belle E. plays unstrengthened on acoustic instruments, so that your guests can talk with pleasant musical ambience and undisturbed. On hundreds of events at home and in foreign countries the draught has proved itself.

Repertoire - baroque: Vivaldi: Four seasons classical period: Mozart: Small night music romanticism: Mass net: Meditation from "Thais" coffee house music: Bunch: Imperial waltz pride: In the Prater blühn again the trees gypsy music: Brahms: Hungarian dance, Monti: Csardas Twenties years: Gershwin: Porgy and Bess, Rondo Veneziano: Sinfonia by un addio well-chosen jazz standards: Hello Dolly, Fly me to the moon, hits of the 70s: Close to you, Your song

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