a spectecular percussion show.

With beats and no. the full sound of the life conquers the audience: The instruments come from the world of the music, the industry or from the everyday life. BaN generate barrage with drums, tubes, but also with oil barrels, autoparts, metal, broom, garbage tonnes, washing machine drums and, and, and.

..... Thus originate always new sound experiences. Combined with dance, tap-dance, VJ or acrobatics will carry away from it the spectacular shows which arouse enthusiasm and: »... a lot of power and a fizzy experience with the interaction between drummers and tap dancers, with dynamism and full joy of life...« (New Züricher newspaper)

Mobile shows always in the pulse of the audience. A good performance needs not necessarily a stage to carry away. Therefore, the artists appear with pleasure in the middle of the audience and under. With a lot of spontaneity, rhythm and humor they let arise music in the middle of the space and surprise the guests with exotic or mad sounds. Music moves in handy nearness – and the audience enjoys a moved, moving show.

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