Fifties & Sixties

No lower song than the forever topical party wreck of the Beatles describes more appropriately what goes off on the stage and in the audience, if the musicians with capers and hip-swings animate the wild Fifties and Sixties. Whether cover hits of Elvis Presley, Chubby Checker or Jerry Lee Lewis, the professional show the Hamburg rock ' a scooter goes mercilessly to the legs. Yeah, folk: That's rock'n'roll!

Why with "B. Drive Crazy" the hall like "to rock Around the Clock" times raves? Because Four with expertise and heart are present, and have made a mistake with skin and hair of the American pop music of the 50s and 60s.

"And thus groovy and brightly like this time are also outfit and repertoire of the quartet: Leadsänger Zico gives, supported by the Backing song of the other boys, the balladeer with tender glaze just as the pelvic-rotary Teddy's bell-boy, while Christian Hilmer the Electric Guitar allows to swing and Volker Schwanke the bass by the air whirl. Drummer Leo Harris lends efficient drive to twist, beat and swing. Besides, four young professionals cut a fine figure like in the cool James Dean outfit and Blue to the south Shoes "unplugged" on Open air parties or in the careless Beach Boys look on humid-happy summer parties in the swish suit on ballroom stages.

Whether Las-Vegas-Dandies, rock rebel or California surfer bell-boys, is importantly only one: "Have Some Fun Tonight" to say it with Little Richard. And fun have with "B. Drive Crazy" everybody. Guaranteed.

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