on stilts with sax and transverse flute

Studies in the Frankfurt music workshop with Daniel Guggenheim and in the meistersinger conservatoire in Nürberg among other things with Klaus Graf and Jürgen Seefelder. Additional lessons with Allan Praskin, Linz and Leszek Zadlo, Würzburg.

Advanced training and education "music understand" with Lorien Duncan and "Musik-Kinesiologie ® Practitioner" with Günther Scherb and Harald Knauss.

Numerous appearances on national and international stages and festivals, recordings for radio and television, guest performances among other things in the conservatory Berlin, Georgspalast Hannover and Essen, Friedrichsbau vaudeville theatre, Stuttgart.

References et al.

Tulip Food, 2011 - 2013

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