three alphorns and a vocalist

An unusual musical art is blowing the alphorn. An even more unusual act is the "Alpco" trio which becomes a plus - a quartet - with a singer.

They do not present classical nightmare music, but also interpret jazz, funk and Rock'n Rolling

or quick hits in own arrangements. This is not only good, but also witty. Alpco mixes tradition and modern age and finds the balance between sound and Grooving. With the full, warm sound of the 3.70-m-long spruces there originate new, amusing sound worlds rich in overtone.


3 alphorns and vocalis: Blame it on the Bossa Nova - Bossa Nova a ship becomes an arrival / Never on Sunday - Greek alphorns feeling Alright alphorn soul La Campana - Italian power polka O sole million - Latin-Jodel version Rock Around the Clock - alphorn goes rock ‘ N Rolling thesis of boat ares of maggot for of Walkin' - Sixties Beat-Music


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