italian spirit..

Forget everything you thought you know about italian pizza bakers and jugglers. Dino L. presents a spectacular entertainment buffet featuring a breathtaking menu of balancing, dance, acrobatics, quick changes and an outstanding main course of juggling with objects and words, all flavoured with his special brand of comedy and subtile touch of irony.

This elegant juggler is a swinger of clubs. He moves them with artistic precision according to the rhythms and melodies of the music. Using the Jazz ‘Take Five’ classic the Tango and even the Cancan. Through his combination of dance and acrobatics he succeeds to surprise and amuse the audience. (A latino sensual dancer) He loves women and dedicates his dance for them, erotic, but full of self-irony. He juggles with a hat, passionately. As he is Italian the soccer ball can`t be missing and at the end everything, soccer ball, stool and hat are flying through the air.

A clumsy chaotic cook, who is both gallant and cheeky. He moves through the audience balancing a pile of plates and other kitchen props, interacting with the crowd while everybody is bursting into laughter. Once on stage he surprises with a flying fruit salad, the proverbial roast chicken and other tasty ingredients and skills.

Loving women, he dedicates them an erotic dance full of self-ironie. He juggles his hat appassionately. A soccer-ball can't be missing, at the end everything is in the air. Soccer-ball, chair and hat.

This guy fights for his balance high up on a unicycle, while people are screaming with fear for his life. They give him a helping hand so that he will not fall off, and thankfully he stays up on his high unicycle. He enjoys comedic exchanges with the audience, and while people worry about him and laugh about him, he passes balls and juggles as if there are no cares in the world.

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Dodenhof GmbH / 100 Jahre
Bongrain, Weihnachtsfeier
Stadt Gunzenhausen 2016

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